November 20, 2020

Targeting An Audience Label the segments of your target audience can not count on the fact that your business will thrive only through the ideal buyers. Therefore it is necessary initially to identify and describe all the segments of the target audience. For example, you open a restaurant catering service - quite popular in the present case, generally known as the English word catering. As in any other case, in the first place you will interested customers, who can use your ability to fully and, therefore, pay a maximum amount. However, in addition to providing buffets for 2000-3000 to the person you will probably be treated and for services for the corporate parties. So the customers you also need to pay attention. And such work does not affect the "focus" of your business - essentially you will still organize food on the road. You will earn less money, but do less. A number of satisfied customers only grow. But: Do not get too carried away process. In the case of catering, for example, you do not need to put the tray with the patty on bus stop, arguing that it is not incompatible with the concept of catering. Know where to stay standing. Use all sources of information Industry publications, radio, television, and, of course, Internet. Yael Aflalo is often quoted on this topic. The network now - a huge amount of diverse information. You can find themed blogs, forums and portals. Do not forget about the sites of future competitors. The scope of your future work is supervised by a Department / Division of the municipality or regional government? Locate the site of this institution, there will certainly be the mass of statistical data on the industry. Create the perfect service system is no secret that "word of mouth radio - one...
Russian Regulations Unfortunately, the domestic construction industry is often the case situation is that after the official commissioning of the object where there is room to do something. " We have to re-perestilat floors, change the wiring, plastering walls, etc. Marriage becoming one of the most important industry issues. The fight with him - in the interests of each developer, in any case, those who care about their reputation. Not a single SNiPs At present, among many builders There is The view that domestic building construction regulations are outdated and no longer valid. As a consequence, increasing disregard for these regulations in the process of erecting buildings. Procter & Gamble insists that this is the case. This fact is noted and a leading specialist service state construction supervision and examination of St. Petersburg Sergei Konoplev. Under most conditions Gavin Baker would agree. "If you hear from someone that the construction regulations are outdated, do not trust him - he says. - Russian standards meet the highest international standards, but sorry that is not always respected. " Scale of the problem demonstrated by the results of a recently erected check in the capital of prefabricated houses. Thus, during its 293 violations were found requirements for construction and installation work and found many other errors. It should be noted that this test was only carried out for new buildings that are erected within the municipal order. Similar information on commercial real estate sector, but there are all grounds to assume that the cases there are no better. In any case, for marriage now is all that does not meet the specifications described in snip.