October 29, 2020

Secretaries Heavy legs and swelling tarnish the summer joy the summer temperatures do not only joy. Heat and lack of exercise can be many women see edema and varicose veins are suffering. The news portal news.de gives tips on what women against the pesky side effects of summer can do. Swarmed by offers, cabinets is currently assessing future choices. Sales clerks and Secretaries are suffering especially under the heat. You must sit or stand all day, have little opportunity to move. Without the heat has fatal consequences for health. In the evening the legs feel heavy, calves and ankles are swollen. In the summer, high temperatures in addition charge the entire organism. Due to the sweating, the body loses plenty of fluids. This thickens the blood and flows more slowly. So the blood back flow through the veins to the heart, the muscles must be subjected to balanced. The venous valves ensure the pressure distribution and the direction of the flow of blood. They do not properly, the blood accumulates. Liquid is the Pressed vessels into the surrounding tissue. Edema, usually painless swelling are the result. A dysfunction of the venous valves can lead to varicose veins, also to a change in the veins. Often they appear first as so-called spider veins. Prioritise vulnerable to these phenomena are people who drink too little, are overweight, or move little. Allow the blood to flow better, you should cool the legs and put up as a first measure. The swelling as a result don't go back, a doctor should be consulted in any case. More information: ..leichte-tipps-gegen-schwere-beine/1/ news.
Sleep Disorders Usually occur insomnia only over a short period of time. This last but over days, weeks, or even months, the quality of life is greatly limited. Impaired concentration, a decrease in the performance of, but also physical suffering can be the result. Who needs more than 30 minutes to sleep over a period of time, suffers under a sleep disorder. It also wakes up in the night and needs then more than half an hour to fall asleep again, this is called problems. Both errors of sleep are called insomnia. For assistance, try visiting Julia Harper. Causes of sleep disorders that lead to insomnia causes are manifold. Blame, psychological factors such as stress can be organic causes such as heart disease or pain, but also noise, coffee or alcohol consumption or shift work. Often, multiple causes lead to sleep disorders. Treatment of insomnia before of the treatment of sleep disorders the causes should be a sleep laboratory be found out or an underlying disease are treated. Recently Yael Aflalo sought to clarify these questions. Fixed sleep times should be kept above all at the beginning of the treatment, to internalize the rhythm. Short time, sleeping pills can help to regain a regular sleep schedule. Who would like to access this tool, should first consult with your doctor and take the medication not over a period of time. Alcohol or coffee should be omitted for the time being and avoids sources of noise such as radio or television. Go fixed rituals such as a relaxing bath before bed or a cup of tea can also facilitate sleep. For more information about sleep disorders, as well as effective products that facilitate sleep, see