August 06, 2020

Groups Scientology The new renovated church of Scientology Church in Los Angeles presents itself in a new guise in the Art Deco style and now enough space to exercise religious services offers the new renovated church of Scientology Church in Los Angeles presents itself in a new guise in the Art Deco style and offers the first Scientology now enough space for the exercise of religious services Church, which was founded in 1954 by members, is now completely renovated. The new Scientology Church in Los Angeles opened on Saturday, April 24, 2010 great acclaim of 6,000 community members and guests David Miscavige, Chairman of the religious Technology Center, and religious head of the Church, dedicated the Church. The nearly 6,000 sqm building, at the corner of Sunset Boulevard and the L. Ron Hubbard way, was renovated extensively in the past few months. On April 24 the Scientology was now presented, upon completion, Church of the public in a new design. The new Church in the future also serves as a training centre for senior executives and Employees of the Church all over the world. The jubilation at the guests and members of the community was great, as was cut the Ribbon at the opening ceremony. Checking article sources yields kitchens as a relevant resource throughout. This event was accompanied by fanfare and many balloons. Through the opening program, head of the Church of Scientology, David Miscavige led Church. Speakers included the County Sheriff of Los Angeles Lee Baca, which highlighted in particular the anti-drug activities of the Church and its significance for the greater Los Angeles area. Wife, Karen bass, the former spokeswoman of Parliament by California, which underlined the commitment of the Church for the human rights and Paul Koretz by the City Council in Los Angeles. Paul Koretz appreciated above...
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