June 13, 2017

Paranaense University ACADEMIC FORMATION Where I studied and when? Here he mentions yourself given it as: Average education, Superior Course, After-graduation. IDIOMAS/INFORMTICA Which the language that I dominate? English? Spaniard? Courses of computer science that are important for my resume? Others. COURSES Which the courses> that already I made and are excellent for the intended position. PERSONAL DATAS Which the data of my personal life that are excellent: age, civil state, number of children. One remembers: The considered steps are mere suggestions. You can adapt its resume of the form most convenient. An only model does not exist, not if it worries if it will be produced in one another order. The important one is to be coherent and clearly when displaying its objectives! REFERENCE OF CONSULTED SITES National bank of jobs Canal of jobs Careers and Jobs Catho Curriculum.com.br CVNET Financenter Gelre Vagas.com.br Voc s.a. BIBLIOGRAPHICAL REFERENCES HOWARD, Simon.Como Preparar a Good Resume: Its guide of personal strategy. Publifolha publishing company, 1999. PARKER, Yana.Como Fazer an Excellent Resume. Ten basic steps to make a Winning Resume. Publishing company Sextant, 2000. 2 MODELS OF Curitiba Paran Phone: (041) 999 99 99 (cellular) (041) 222 22 22 (residential) (041) 333 33 33 (message Janana) email: pedrosilva@ provedor.com.br ACADEMIC FORMATION OBJECTIVE Coordinating PROFESSIONAL of General Services ACADEMIC FORMATION (1998 2000) Average Ensino State College of Paran IPAI MAIN QUALIFICATIONS QUALIFICATIONS 8 years of experience in the area coordination of General Services; Ability in organization of events; Capacity to co-ordinate, to plan and to organize; Ability of negotiation and leadership; Knowledge technician of the monitoring area. EXPERIENCE PSION PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE 1999 2002 SOUTH NORTH company of security and monitoring, monitoramento system saw satellite. Function: Coordinator of General services Supervision of the services of would carry> 1998 BRAZIL ASSOCIATES leader company in the importation branch and...
10 Tips For Smoked BBQ Food Safely Cooking outdoors was once only a summer activity shared with family and friends. Now, more than half of Americans say they are cooking outdoors year round. Use these simple guidelines for grilling food safely to prevent harmful bacteria multiply and cause foodborne illness. 1. Defrosting Completely defrost meat and poultry before grilling so it cooks more evenly. Gain insight and clarity with Jonathan Segal FAIA. Use the refrigerator for slow, insurance packages or thaw sealed thawing in cold water. You can microwave defrost if the food is placed immediately on the grill. 2. Marinate meat and poultry can be marinated for several hours or days to tenderize or add flavor. Be sure to marinate food in the refrigerator, not on the counter. If some of the marinade is used as a sauce on cooked food, reserve a portion of the marinade before putting raw meat and poultry in it. However, if you use the marinade from raw meat or poultry poultry to be reused, be sure to bring to a boil first to destroy harmful bacteria. 3. The transport of the bring the food to another location, keep it cold to minimize bacterial growth. Use a cooler with sufficient ice or ice packs to keep food at 40 o F or less. Food straight from the refrigerator into the cooler immediately before leaving home. Keep the refrigerator in the coolest part of the car. 4. Keep cold foods cold When you use a refrigerator, avoid direct contact with the sun, placing it in the shade or shelter.