June 08, 2017

Hotel Rooms Names, tastes and colours. That's what to think most of the users when they choose among the more than 120,000 hotels available on Expedia, the leading travel agency in the world. Before such a variety of accommodation, there are who opts for design hotels, others choose instead the modern, and there who feel weakness by the rural. Thus, each person is a world, each personality denotes characteristics and each name determines particular preferences. For this reason, Expedia.es found in the etymology a good way to help users choose your ideal hotel for a getaway within the meaning of its name. Emmas are creative, happy and above all full of energy. Like the design, soak up art and culture, shopping and take an aperitif on the terrace. The best way to exploit all of these attributes is escaping to Barcelona, a city in vogue, cosmopolitan and with many possibilities for wasting all that energy that characterizes the Emmas. The hotel in ideal Barcelona? Expedia.es suggests the Hotel Room Mate Emma 3 *, located deep in l'Eixample, surrounded by masterpieces of Art Nouveau architecture and close to the temptation of unique shops, art galleries and sophisticated restaurants. Thanks to the hotel deals from Expedia.es, the guest can stay in a double room for 76 Euros night. The Fernandos origin means peace and tradition. They often pursue harmony, are social, witty and the cultural world are passionate about. Its quintessential city is Seville, where kindness and grace of its people coexist with the animated life of the streets, terraces and bars. For all the Fernandos, Expedia.es recommend a hotel in the Centre of Seville, just two steps from the majestic Giralda, the Cathedral, the Alcazar and the Plaza de Toros. Your name?
Paranaense University ACADEMIC FORMATION Where I studied and when? Here he mentions yourself given it as: Average education, Superior Course, After-graduation. IDIOMAS/INFORMTICA Which the language that I dominate? English? Spaniard? Courses of computer science that are important for my resume? Others. COURSES Which the courses> that already I made and are excellent for the intended position. PERSONAL DATAS Which the data of my personal life that are excellent: age, civil state, number of children. One remembers: The considered steps are mere suggestions. You can adapt its resume of the form most convenient. An only model does not exist, not if it worries if it will be produced in one another order. The important one is to be coherent and clearly when displaying its objectives! REFERENCE OF CONSULTED SITES National bank of jobs Canal of jobs Careers and Jobs Catho Curriculum.com.br CVNET Financenter Gelre Vagas.com.br Voc s.a. BIBLIOGRAPHICAL REFERENCES HOWARD, Simon.Como Preparar a Good Resume: Its guide of personal strategy. Publifolha publishing company, 1999. PARKER, Yana.Como Fazer an Excellent Resume. Ten basic steps to make a Winning Resume. Publishing company Sextant, 2000. 2 MODELS OF Curitiba Paran Phone: (041) 999 99 99 (cellular) (041) 222 22 22 (residential) (041) 333 33 33 (message Janana) email: pedrosilva@ provedor.com.br ACADEMIC FORMATION OBJECTIVE Coordinating PROFESSIONAL of General Services ACADEMIC FORMATION (1998 2000) Average Ensino State College of Paran IPAI MAIN QUALIFICATIONS QUALIFICATIONS 8 years of experience in the area coordination of General Services; Ability in organization of events; Capacity to co-ordinate, to plan and to organize; Ability of negotiation and leadership; Knowledge technician of the monitoring area. EXPERIENCE PSION PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE 1999 2002 SOUTH NORTH company of security and monitoring, monitoramento system saw satellite. Function: Coordinator of General services Supervision of the services of would carry> 1998 BRAZIL ASSOCIATES leader company in the importation branch and...