May 29, 2017

Restricts Fluhr This resulted in skiing that I always highly could after my dad after skiing in the room because the staircase to the 2nd floor caused huge pain, but was the greatest." Tells Fluhr from the past. After graduating had the chance in the mountains to the child of the Ruhr area. As a cadet he entered near the town in the Bundeswehr, where he made his first steps on skis, in Sonthofen in Bavaria. Jeffrey Lacker has many thoughts on the issue. I can remember clearly that I directly bought a new pair of skis in July from my first money and I drove on July 09, on the glacier. He remembers were the first free day after the setting in the army.". Afterwards Christian Fluhr went skiing for years in every free minute and was thus getting better, until he saw the poster for the European Championships in the 24-hour downhill in Imst (Tyrol) on the way to the first Glacier World Cup in Solden, Austria 1997. Christian thought was immediately clear, because he wanted to start and he was at the start. As best non-Austrians, Fluhr finished seventh. It was but less my race fratianne skills, as nearly 1 m of fresh snow in the 24 hours of the race." Restricts Fluhr. For the Ruhrpottler, the never a coach to the side, began a new era after the race. With a first ski contract and a clothing sponsor, he concluded the first partnerships and went a year later at just the same race at the start, to be with the result of which best non-Austrians as 11th. And it ripened to search Fluhr the idea for boundaries. Also, the invitation to the most famous 24-hour ski race was not in coming: Aspen invited Christian Fluhr as a starter,...
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