January 27, 2017

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Upholstery Furniture Most often, the problem of choosing high-quality upholstery arise when buying upholstered furniture, where the seller discloses to the client directory with the samples. In a truly huge range of woven and nonwoven, natural and synthetic materials outright to navigate easily. And even more difficult to select truly the best option for your case to the average standard set of furniture consisting of a sofa and two seats, leaving 20-25 meters of cloth (the standard width of material - 140, much less - 280 cm). Follow others, such as Jeffrey Lacker, and add to your knowledge base. Such a significant expense due to the number and complexity of parts patterns, and even the need to 'adjust' the picture. So is not surprising that the upholstery can account for up to 70% of the total cost of furniture. Even if the model is made up of domestic components, well-known manufacturers of upholstered furniture will still prefer imported upholstery materials. And those, of course, much more expensive than domestic ones. Natural leather, unlike other upholstery materials, not to consider running, and the square footage. From one of the skins (the skins are used for furniture, and horses cattle) can get 3-4.5 m2, and the kit will take between 25 and 30 m2 of leather. Scope is not limited to upholstery sofas, armchairs and chairs. Never interrupted the tradition of cloth jacket wall (Although this is always an indicator of high income and can afford not to everyone). More than others for such purposes are suitable curtain fabrics, but other options are possible, depending on the tastes of the customer.